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How to reuse the smART nails stencils

          Generally speaking the smART nails stencils are quite an inexpensive tool to create nail art and they were theoretically designed for one time use only. That said, reusing them is not complicated at all and it can be quite useful sometimes. You might want to make a double application design or you might want to keep one of them for longer and use it in more than just one occasion. No matter the reason if you want to keep and reuse your stencils you will have to take a bit of care every time you use them in order to keep them in good shape.


         THE EASIEST WAY TO REUSE THE STENCILS is to use a minimum quantity of nail polish in the first application, so that you would steal have a satisfactory result but not stuck the little holes of the design with it. Immediately after painting it over, peel the stencil off the nail and stick it back on its place on the supporting paper as straight as possible. Let it dry! When dry press the stencils well on the paper for air and dust not to get under in time and keep them somewhere for next time.
If the stencils did not get blocked in the first application you can reuse them next time without needing to wipe them, especially if you plan to use the same color.

          YOU CAN ALSO CHOOSE TO WIPE THE STENCILS OFF after the first application.
If you want to clean the stencils before reusing them do so before applying the base coat or anything that can be affected by nail polish remover. Make sure the stencils are very well stuck on the support (we don’t want the remover to get under and affect the glue).  Soak a corner of a napkin with nail polish remover, apply it on the stencil, hold a bit, than slowly wipe. It is preferable to use napkins because unlike cotton they don’t leave residues.

         After you finished cleaning all the stencils you will have to allow them to dry very well before reusing them, otherwise there is a high chance of breaking them. You can let those dry whiles applying and drying your base coat or doing any other preparation you consider.

         If you wiped the stencils off the previous nail polish you can use any color you wish in the second application and the design should came out as sharp as the first time.

         With this treatment a stencil might be used up to 2-3 times. Evan with the best maintenance you will steal not going to be able to reuse the stencils forever. They will eventually break or curl or not stick well any more.

          Please see also the video of how to reuse the stencils:

Comments (24)
karen walker said:

Thank you for sending me my smART nail stencils! I love all of them! If I had to choose just three of my favorites, they would be: P041 (skulls) P032 (music notes) and P005 (chinese symbols) It's the most ingenious invention since sliced bread! Karen Walker :)
smART nails said:

Karen, thank you so much for your beautiful comment! I am so happy you like our stencils, this is fuel for our hearts!!! :)
mirka said:

Those nails look so good!
sally gearhart said:

Wow,genious :) gonna have to try these out soon!
Christine Chipman said:

Tried my awareness ribbon stencils yesterday for the first time and it was so easy to do. I did find it a bit hard to clean afterwards, though, so I don't know how it will go if I want to use them again.
Nancy said:

love the new design of the web site !
Birgit Selch said:

Ordered Sunday and recieved alredy Thursday, amazing shop. The best stencils I know, big, big recomondation. Just fantastic and cheaper than any other shop, I checked the whole internet. This is no 1, the best I know. 5 stars with a plus.
wow, these really are gorguoes! i wonder the same thing about stencils though. if they're the stick said:

wow, these really are gorguoes! i wonder the same thing about stencils though. if they're the stick on kind of stencils, you have to be careful because if your main wall paint is cheap it will peel off with the stencil. and if you're just using regular stencils, you still have to be careful the paint doesn't drip or smear down under the stencil. i think it's tricky, but so is wallpaper, so i guess if it's cheaper and cuter, it's totally worth it. and thank you so much for your comment today! it was so sweet and encouraging. :)
smART nails said:

Yes, hopefully the nail polish base is not a cheap unstable one :) . The dripping and smearing under the stencil is resolved by just sticking it very well before painting over and not exaggerating with the quantity of nail polish you apply on. Thank you so much for your comment! :)
Alicia said:

I accidentally stumbled upon this website a little over a year ago and I am happy I did. I love these stencils.They are so easy to apply that when my 5 yrs old niece uses them she feels like a professional mail artist. Which is adorable. I personally don't mind if they're really not reusable. You without any doubt get more then your money's worth when using this product!! I have and would definitely recommend this product to everyone I know!
Adelia said:

Any suggestions on how to properly use these? How long do I have to let my nails dry before using the stencil? I have waited 10+ minutes and it never seems to work.
Michelle said:

If I buy 50 stencils do I get discount ?
smART nails said:

Dear Alicia, thank you so much for your good words! We deeply appreciate it! <3
smART nails said:

Dear Adelia, it depends on the nail polish, some of them dry very quick, some take longer. Please see the article "Tips of application" in this blog to see how to check if your nail polish base is dry enough. Thank you for your comment! :)
smART nails said:

Dear Michelle, we can definitely offer you a discount but you will have to contact us by e-mail for a coupon, otherwise the site automatically calculates the full price. Our e-mail is Thank you!
supriya said:

I Love it smart nails
Maria said:

Si possono fare acquisti anche dall italia?
Wendy said:

I just have to say that I love your stencils! I just put in an order for $200.00 (with the help of my husband)! He does my nails for me. I was in a fatal car crash in 2009 and I don't have full use of my hand so I was always hiding it until now! Thank you for giving me a sense of having pretty hands again!
Linda said:

I just received my nail stencils today. I absolutely love them. The packaging is beautiful and informational. I used them immediately and absolutely love how easy it was. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I will definitely be buying more!
smART nails said:

Cara Maria , naturalmente è possibile acquistare i nostri stampini da Italia !
smART nails said:

Dear Linda, thank you so much for your message! There is nothing more important for us than customer's satisfaction <3 I am so happy to know you liked our stencils!
smART nails said:

Dear Wendy, I have no words! I am so sorry for your accident and I can't thank you enough for your beautiful message!
Yvonns said:

thanks so much was very helpful
Shirlette said:

I absolutely LOVE the nails and I am so grateful to learn how to reuse the stencils!
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