smART Nails Stencils
Nail art stencils for regular and semi-permanent nail polish and gels
Nail Art Elements
Loose Rhinestones & Studs to create or enhance your nail art designs
Ultrafine Glitters .008
Glitters with a flake size of 200 microns (.008)
Fine Glitters .015
Glitters with a flake size of 375 microns (.015)
Semi-Chunky Glitters .025
Glitters with a flake size of 625 microns (.025)
Medium-Chunky Glitters .040
Glitters with a flake size of 1000 microns (.040)
Chunky Glitters .062
Glitters with a flake size of 1550 microns (.062)
Extra-Chunky Glitters .094
Glitters with a flake size of 2385 microns (.094)
Large Flakes Glitters .125
Glitters with a flake size of 3125 microns (.125)
Shaped Glitters
Hearts, Stars and other shapes of glitter flakes
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Can I use the stencil more than one time ? You can reuse them at least a couple of times.
In order to do that you have to:

stick them back on the supporting paper (or on the back of it) immediately after taking them off the nail
let them get dry. If needed, gently wipe them off using a little bit of remover on an ear bug (or a piece of cotton).
reuse them only when they are dry
Do you need to use a special nail polish ? No need for special nail polish! You can use the stencils with any type of polish you have at home, as long as it is a strong, contrasting color.
After I apply the nail polish on the stencil, do I need to wait for it to get dry before removing the stencil from the nail? The opposite! You have to peel of the stencil from the nail as soon as possible after you finish applying the nail polish. Never leave the polish to get dry on a stencil that is still on your nail! It will lift the design together with the stencil.
How long will the design last on my nail ? The resistance of the design on your nails depends mostly on the nail polish you used to apply it. From our experience thought, the design tends to remain there even after the nail polish base coat begins to peel. Nevertheless, we recommend you to apply a transparent nail polish coat on top of the design (after it gets dry) which will protect it from damages by scratch.
Make sure that before you apply this protective layer :
- the design you apply it on is perfectly dry
- you apply it quickly, in one or two moves, for it not to get smudged


To verify if a nail polish base is dry enough for your design to be applied on:

First touch the polish on your nail delicately with your finger and if it`s dry enough not to be sticky or to deform during this procedure, then press more firmly with your finger tips and see if the fingerprint remains imprinted on the nail polish layer. if you can see the fingerprint, the nail polish is not dry enough. If it doesn`t get imprinted, no mater how hard you press then the layer is definitely dry enough.

To make sure you're not going to smudge the design while applying the transparent nail polish sealing layer:

Seal first the design, let it rest for five minutes and than, seal the rest of the nail.

If your design contains glitter, first seal the glitter and then the rest of the design, in order for the small particles of glitter not to spread all over the nail.



How easy is it to apply the design with the left hand to the right hand ? It`s very easy, much easier than applying the regular nail polish on your nails, with the left hand to the right one. For whoever is not used to doing that, ask a friend to do it for you! You are going to have a lot of fun!
Can the stencils be used also with colored gel or acryl ?
Yes! Sometimes it`s even more comfortable than using them with nail polish.