smART Nails Stencils
Nail art stencils for regular and semi-permanent nail polish and gels
Nail Art Elements
Loose Rhinestones & Studs to create or enhance your nail art designs
Ultrafine Glitters .008
Glitters with a flake size of 200 microns (.008)
Fine Glitters .015
Glitters with a flake size of 375 microns (.015)
Semi-Chunky Glitters .025
Glitters with a flake size of 625 microns (.025)
Medium-Chunky Glitters .040
Glitters with a flake size of 1000 microns (.040)
Chunky Glitters .062
Glitters with a flake size of 1550 microns (.062)
Extra-Chunky Glitters .094
Glitters with a flake size of 2385 microns (.094)
Large Flakes Glitters .125
Glitters with a flake size of 3125 microns (.125)
Shaped Glitters
Hearts, Stars and other shapes of glitter flakes
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Magnet design from smART Nails Link:
This design from smART Nails is called "magnet", I don't know why it's called like that, but it does look amazing! I wanted to do something fun with this design and then I found this picture by Liana's Nails and I knew these were the colors I wanted to use.
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smART Nails Stencils: Spiral Link:
I have something exciting to show you guys today! I recently had the opportunity to try a new kind of nail art tool: smART Nail Art Stencils! These are unlike any other nail art tool I've tried, and I have to say, I'm crazy impressed! I've tried nail vinyls, and own a lot of them in fact! However, these stencils are not like those at all.
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smART Nails Stencils - Stripes P018 Link:
There are so many different ways you can use these 'Stripes' nail art stencils from smART Nails, vertically, horizontally, diagonally, same or different coloured stripes. I've gone for three different coloured stripes over white nails for a Christmas themed mani. Very simple but really effective. This is the 6th set of stencils I've used from smART Nails and I highly recommend them.
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smART Nail Stencils (with a giveaway!) Link:
Hey there! I was recently approached by smART Nails to review some of their nail stencils designs. After doing a bit of research I was really intrigued by these stencils because they have a few unique features don't seem very common in the other stencils on the market.
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Orly 'Miss Conduct' with golden chevrons by smART nails + giveaway Link:
Have I already told you how easy the stencils are? You just stick them on your nail, paint over them, peel the stencil off and *Boom* there are your fabulous nails!
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