smART Nails Stencils
Nail art stencils for regular and semi-permanent nail polish and gels
Nail Art Elements
Loose Rhinestones & Studs to create or enhance your nail art designs
Ultrafine Glitters .008
Glitters with a flake size of 200 microns (.008)
Fine Glitters .015
Glitters with a flake size of 375 microns (.015)
Semi-Chunky Glitters .025
Glitters with a flake size of 625 microns (.025)
Medium-Chunky Glitters .040
Glitters with a flake size of 1000 microns (.040)
Chunky Glitters .062
Glitters with a flake size of 1550 microns (.062)
Extra-Chunky Glitters .094
Glitters with a flake size of 2385 microns (.094)
Large Flakes Glitters .125
Glitters with a flake size of 3125 microns (.125)
Shaped Glitters
Hearts, Stars and other shapes of glitter flakes
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The range is a collection of templates in the form of a stencil that are used as tools to create artistic designs on the nails, using any type of nail polish. Each product contains 10 stencils, one for each finger.

Each and every product in the range comes with fully illustrated instructions at the back of the packaging and a full color photo on the front of the packaging showing how the design looks on the actual nail.

They are easy to use tools, enabling you to achieve amazing professional results at home without special skills or training. The range of design templates is comprehensive and versatile though by no means is it limited to the design on the template itself. In other words you can take the template and with a bit of imagination obtain a lot more effect and designs out of them.

For example you can combine more than one color using the template. Working quick enough for the nail polish not to get dry, you can apply as many colors as you like to fill up the same template in order to achieve gradients of colors or a two color design.

Covering up only one part of the design or using it twice on the same nail can have interesting results.

The edges of any templates can be used for splitting the nail in two colors.

or making a strait french
or a corner french.

On all the french type models you enjoy two products in one, having on one of the edges the classic round french and on the opposite side a special french design.

You want some other special features? You can add yourself! It is so easy to do something like a glitter dot or a stripe in a specific place of an already painted design.